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Inches (cm)

Body Armour Chest

Body Armour Waist




34-38 (86-96)

28 (71)

20.5-21.2 (52-54)

8 (20.3)


38-43 (96-109)

32 (81.3)

21.2-23.2 (54-59)

9 (22.9)


43-46 (109-116)

36 (91.4)

22.5-24.8 (57-63)

10 (25.4)


46-48 (116-122)

40 (101.6)

24.8-25.2 (63-64)

11 (27.9)


48-50 (122-127)

44 (111.8)


12 (30.5)


50-52 (127-132)

47 (119.4)




52-53 (132-135)

51 (129.4)



Body armour - Please take into account the clothing that will be worn during typical duties when choosing your body armour

Helmet – Take measurement from the forehead and extend the tape all the way around your head 

Gloves – Using your strongest hand wrap tape between thumb and forefinger and around your whole palm. Make a loose fit



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Sand and Slash Defender Gloves

Sand and Slash Defender Gloves

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Slash And Knuckle Protection In One

Made from 100% genuine leather, Sand Defender Gloves, from VestGuard are lined using DuPontTM Kevlar® aramid fibres for warmth, comfort and slash protection, from sharp objects like glass or blades. Double knitted, this base layer provides excellent slash resistance to the palm, and fingers because the fibres are closer together offering extra resistance compared to other models on the market.

Sand in the knuckles and upper finger area is designed to protect the back of the hand against fractures by up to 99%.

The Defender gloves conform to British Standards (BS) EN388 with velcro Wristband for a personal fit, and sand only adds 6 ounces to the weight of the glove.

As sold to:

police, prison officers, security teams, door staff, and close protection officers

Other applications include:
Motorbike and bicycles, kick boxing (sport)

An independant review by Gunmart named the Defender gloves "The best gloves they'd ever seen"
"half the price of many other gloves that are in many ways inferior to them"
(A copy of this review is attached as a PDF)


Glove Sizing:

Extend your hand flat and with a tailor's measuring tape,
wrap it around the strongest hand just below the knuckles and fingers, but above the thumb and make a loose fist
Round the measurement up to the nearest inch and refer to the following conversion for your approximate glove size

8"= Small 9"= Medium 10"=Large 11"=XLarge 12"=XXLarge



VestGuard is open Mon-Fri 9am-5.30pm
We will normally dispatch the same or next working day
The method of delivery will depend on what you specify on your order


Contact VestGuard:

Please Call 0845 601 6660
VestGuard are the largest manufacturers of British made Body Armour
With over 20 years experience in the industry we are the World's leading manufacturer and supplier of quality security and military products


International Customers:

VestGuard ships orders internationally every day,
but every order and destination is different
Please Call 0845 601 6660




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