VestGuardSize Guide


Inches (cm)

Body Armour Chest

Body Armour Waist




34-38 (86-96)

28 (71)

20.5-21.2 (52-54)

8 (20.3)


38-43 (96-109)

32 (81.3)

21.2-23.2 (54-59)

9 (22.9)


43-46 (109-116)

36 (91.4)

22.5-24.8 (57-63)

10 (25.4)


46-48 (116-122)

40 (101.6)

24.8-25.2 (63-64)

11 (27.9)


48-50 (122-127)

44 (111.8)


12 (30.5)


50-52 (127-132)

47 (119.4)




52-53 (132-135)

51 (129.4)



Body armour - Please take into account the clothing that will be worn during typical duties when choosing your body armour

Helmet – Take measurement from the forehead and extend the tape all the way around your head 

Gloves – Using your strongest hand wrap tape between thumb and forefinger and around your whole palm. Make a loose fit


Overt Black Tactical Vest

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Black Overt Tactical Kit

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Extreme conditions demand an extreme kit.

VestGuard UK, in co-operation with the UK Ministry of Defence have developed the most effective kit for high threat environments, available on the market.

Taking each threat that would be encountered in this environment, our Black Overt Tactical Vest defeats them all.


Weapons Fire

With the use of both Soft and Hard Armour, the Tactical Vest defeats anything from a 9mm, AK47's to .30 calibre M2 Armour Piercing rounds from just 15metres distance.



The Soft Armour in this vest can defeat fragmentation travelling at a velocity of up to 650m/s. 

Features of the Black Tactical Kit - Silver Edition

> NIJ level IIIA (3A) Soft Armour Panels
   - Front, back and side protection
   - Shoulder panel protection
   - Removable collar and groin protection
   - Removable Bicep and Throat protectors

> NIJ level IV (4) Hard Armour Panels 
   - Dual purpose tested to Levels 3 and 4
   - Ergonomically curved for comfort

> High Grade 1000D Cordura Outer cover
   - Abrasion Resistance  (BS EN ISO 12947 - 2:1999)
   - 100 N Tear Strength   (BS EN ISO 13937 - 3:2000)
   - Anti Fade Colour Fastness  (BS EN ISO 105-EO4:1996)
   - Double stitched high strength seams 
   - High grade Velcro to prevent body armour from being ripped 
     off your body in an explosion
   - Rear Grab handle
   - Badge patches front and rear
   - Infra Red identification
   - Full MOLLE pouch loading system, front and rear for individual

> Cordura Carry Bag included free with this purchase

> Satisfaction Guaranteed - or your money back

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