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The shape and form of body armour varies from company to company but the principle elements are effectively the same. In order to develop new innovative products it is first essential to understand what body armour does, and how it does it.


VestGuard has a dedicated research and development department who work to advance every part of our product range, from everyday products supplied for civilian contracts in the UK, to military grade armour for use in a variety of different environments around the world.

The research department plays an important part in our customer development, working along side the UK government on projects to develop improved life saving products to be used in the UK, and abroad for British forces.

Winning these contracts with the UK government allows VestGuard to research technologies which would not normally be viable. These exciting glimpses enable VestGuard to remain at the forefront of the body armour industry with world first innovations in both soft and hard armour solutions.

Experts in ballistics and material science are continually working with a variety of existing and new materials, investigating ways of exploiting these technologies to improve performance.

Continual research is being carried out on all VestGuard ballistic products including our range of Ballistic Helmets.

Achieving high levels of protection, comfort and durability in a lightweight helmet is an ongoing process. Current research ensures our helmets are at optimum efficiency with today’s manufacturing techniques and material availability.

Improvements are being made all the time to keep VestGuard Ballistic Helmets one of the best helmets on the market.

The MAX-1 concept drawing demonstrates the technical details behind this world class plate.

The man hours and ballistic testing put into the development of the MAX-1 has produced an efficient weight saving solution exceeding previous ballistic capabilities and all expectations.

The fabrication of such a plate remains a trade secret.