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EveAid Personal Defence Spray

EveAid Personal Defence Spray
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The UK's No.1 Defence Spray Is Available And LEGAL!

Product Features 

  • Triple action powerful mini-spray repels and identifies criminals who would normally disappear into the night
  • A can that looks similar to mace or CS gas, visually deterring attacks before they start
  • A spray designed to stop aggressors in their tracks by emitting a powerful non toxic overwhelming odour. Powerful enough to stick to clothes and skin for up to 3 days helping identify potential suspects, even after days, just by how they smell
  • Hidden UV dye released in the spray cloud, invisible to the naked eye, marks the intended individual and hides on clothes and skin for up to 3 days identifiable by the police increasing the chance of conviction.
  • EveAid is Legal in the UK
  • Ideal for doormen, security guards, taxi drivers, and members of the public
  • For use by both men and women who are in fear of attack or rape whilst travelling alone
  • The can is relatively small so can be carried easily for use should it be required
  • Very Low Price & yet one day it could save your life!
  • Although we hope that you would never need to use our product, where personal safety is involved we believe it is better to be carrying our spray and never use it than to not and need it.

Triple Action

  1. A can that looks similar to mace or CS gas, visually deterring attacks before they start
  2. A spray designed to stop aggressors in their tracks by emitting a powerful non toxic overwhelming odour. Powerful enough to stick to clothes and skin for up to 3 days helping identify potential suspects, even after days, just by how they smell
  3. Hidden UV dye released in the spray cloud marks the intended individual and hides on clothes and skin for up to 3 days identifiable by the police increasing the chance of conviction.

 Is EveAid legal to use in the UK?

  • Not to be confused with pepper spray or CS gas, EveAid Personal Defence Spray is a legal aggressor deterrent containing no toxic chemicals which may cause lasting effects or damage
  • Section 5(1) (b) of the firearms act 1968 prohibits any weapon of any description designed or adapted for the discharge of any noxious liquid, gas or other substance. EveAid does not contain any substance deemed to be noxious in a court of law within the UK and the tin itself is not designed to discharge a noxious substance.

    It is not prohibited by this law and does not fall within the control of firearms legislation. This deems the spray legal and has been confirmed by the Uk scientific Development branch, and by Trading Standards.

The Facts


  • One out of every 200 women in the UK reported to the British Crime Survey that they had been raped in 2006 (
  • UN Statistics show there was 12,637 reported cases of rape in 2008 and 13,093 cases in 2009 in the UK (

  • The government estimates that as many as 95% of rapes are never reported to the police at all. Of the rapes that were reported from 2007 to 2008, only 6.5% resulted in a conviction. (


  • Due to the nature of this item we can only ship via our courier, and not through standard delivery Royal Mail

Ballistic Standards

All ballistic products made or supplied by VestGuard UK are manufactured in accordance to the standard which has been identified in the product description. We use independent accredited test facilities to regularly test our products to ensure they continue to meet the very latest standards required by our customers, with many products under test conditions often outperforming the standards. Our products are designed to protect our customers and have been developed and verified through in-house, independent and customer testing for over 15 years.

National Institute of Justice (NIJ)

This is considered the most widely used internationally recognised standard. The standard covers protection against small handguns and anything up to armour piercing rifles. The standard is used for body armour, helmets and other armour solutions on the market, such as vehicle armour and shields.

This standard is split into levels of protection designated by roman numerals.

NIJ level II (2) Small handgun protection
NIJ level IIIA (3a)  High velocity handguns
NIJ level III (3)      Rifles
NIJ level IV (4)     Armour piercing rifles
Threat Level Bullet Calibre and Type Image Bullet Mass Impact  Velocity
      (grains) ft/s m/s
NIJ level II (2) 9mm FMJ RN      124 1205 367
  .357 Magnum JSP 158 1430 436
NIJ level IIIA (3a)  9mm FMJ RN  124 1430 436
  .44 Magnum SJHP 240 1430 436
NIJ level III (3)      7.62x51mm NATO FMJ (M80 Ball)  148 2780 847
NIJ level IV (4)   .30 calibre AP M2 30.06 166 2880 878

UK Home Office (CAST)

The UK standards are set by the Home Office for the protection of police and government bodies. Adopted by many security and private companies in the UK, the protection covers a full range of threats including handguns (HG), edged weapons like knives (KR), needles, spikes (SP) and rifles (RF). The higher the threat the higher the number, i.e. HG1, HG2.

Performance Level
Bullet Mass



9mm FMJ
0.357 Magnum SP FN Remington

8.0g (124 grain)
10.2g (158 grain)


365 +/-10
390 +/-10


9mm FMJ
0.357 Magnum SP FN Remington

8.0g (124 grain)
10.2g (158 grain)


365 +/-10
390 +/-10


9mm FMJ
0.357 Magnum SP FN Remington

8.0g (124 grain)
10.2g (158 grain)


430 +/-10
455 +/-10

Protection Levels 

Energy Level E1

Maximum Penetration at E1

Energy Level E2
Maximum Penetration at E2
KR1  24  36 20*
SP1  24 0* N/A N/A
KR2 33 7 50 20*
SP2 33 0*  N/A N/A


This is the military standard for ballistic protection & armour solutions for military applications.

STANAG 2920: The adoption of standards for ballistic protection levels and testing relates typically to the levels of fragmentation protection that vests offer. The technical details are complicated but the results are identified as a V50 rating in metres or feet per second. VestGuard armour and helmets all have a V50 rating. 


Quality Standards

ISO 2001:2008 Standards

ISO is a world renowned quality management system which all companies should follow to ensure exacting quality procedures are met to provide the best product to customers. VestGuard is ISO accredited and we work to this procedure every day to provide consistently high quality products to our customers.

CE Marking Standards

CE marking is a mandatory conformity for products placed on the market in the European Union. With CE marking on our products we declare that these products conform with the essential requirements for body armour supplied to civilians and government agencies. Our vests have performed to ‘excellent’ standards for ergonomics, comfort and protection. CE marking is a legal requirement when purchasing body armour for civilian use.

Military Standards

VestGuard supply to many government and military forces across the world. Our vests must conform to military specifications for material quality, manufacturing quality and longevity.

The VestGuard outer covers are designed to endure extreme use and weather conditions. Manufactured using highest quality materials, each cover must comply with the following performance requirements.

Performance Requirements


Test Standards

Abrasion Resistance (12kPa) 200,000 rubs BS ENISO12947-2:1999
Tear Strength 100 N Minimum BS ENISO13937-3:200
Tensile Strength  1200 N Minimum BS ENISO13934-1:1999
Colour Fastness Level 4 Re Colour Change
Level 3 Re Staining
BS ENISO105-E04:1996


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Shipping Services

VestGuard UK offers a fast and efficient delivery service to all our customers. We aim to dispatch orders as quickly as possible, with most orders dispatched the very same day or the following working day if items are available from stock. 


UK Delivery

Delivery Method Estimated Leadtime  Shipping Handler Time of Arrival
Standard 1-5 working days Royal Mail 9am-5.30pm
Express 1 working day Courier 9am-5.30pm
Pre12 Express 1 working day Courier 9am-12pm
Saturday Express Next Saturday Courier 9am-5.30pm

If an order is required urgently, please telephone us for stock availability.


UK Delivery Terms

  • We are dependent on our couriers to deliver goods in a timely manner.  It is out of our control and we cannot guarantee any delivery times however our team are always happy to assist in the event there is a question about delivery. 
  • In the event that you are not present to receive your order, the agent will leave a card identifying that they have tried to deliver the goods. Royal Mail deliveries can be collected from your local post office within seven days. Couriers will attempt to deliver your items once. You can contact them to arrange a re-delivery date or collect from their local depot.
  • We cannot be held responsible for any items lost due to misinformation provided so please ensure the delivery details are accurate. You will require proof of identify when collecting any package.


Buying online

It is very easy to buy online from our website. We accept all major credit and debit cards.

  1. Add your purchases to the checkout
  2. Step 2  Click the checkout button and check the contents of your basket
  3. Create or Login to your account
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  5. Follow the onscreen instructions and proceed through to payment
  6. Sit back and wait for your products to arrive.

Please note for security reasons we can only accept deliveries to the card holders registered address


Large Orders and Tenders

Contact VestGuard sales team if your requirement is for a larger number of units. We will provide you with a quotation based on your rerquirements. 

Lead-time based on 100-1000 units is approximately 4-6 weeks from confimed date of order. 


International Orders

VestGuard website is not able to accommodate deliveries out of the UK due to the nature of our products however all our products are available for sale to customers in every country.

Contact VestGuard UK by phone +44 (0)1621 816614 or by mail to purchase products for international delivery. Some items are subject to UK export controls, which we will advise you of when you contact us.

VestGuard can manufacture 1 - 100,000 units of body armour. Typical lead times for larger orders is 4-6 weeks.

We offer delivery methods by air, road and sea.

VestGuard is an Internationally recognised brand name with over 500,000 units sold worldwide to customers in all sectors.

VestGuard supply products to over 8000 customers in 50 different countries. We aim to meet any requirement quickly and to a high standard.


Become a VestGuard Agent

If you would like to become a VestGuard agent or stock VestGuard products in your country please contact Oliver Lincoln, Managing Director, at to discuss the opportunity.




Sizing Guide

Measuring for Body Armour

(Please consider the clothing that will be worn during typical duties in your body armour)

  Chest Waist / Stomach Front length Back Length
  Inches (cm) Inches (cm) Inches (cm) Inches (cm)
Small 34-38 (86-96) 26-30 (66-76) 13 (33) 17 (43)
Medium 38-43 (96-109) 30-34 (74-86) 14 (35) 18 (46)
Large 43-46 (109-116) 34-38 (86-96) 15 (38) 19 (48)
XL 46-48 (116-122) 38-42 (96-107) 16 (40) 20 (51)
XXL 48-50 (122-127) 42-46 (107-117) 16.5 (42) 20.5 (52)
XXXL 50-52 (127-132) 46-50 (117-127) 17 (43) 21 (53)
XXXXL 52-53 (132-135) 50-53 (127-137) 17.5 (44) 21.5 (54)

Measuring for Helmets and Gloves

Helmet – Take measurement from the forehead and extend the tape all the way around your head

Gloves – Using your strongest hand wrap tape between thumb and forefinger and around your whole palm. Make a loose fit

  Minimum Head Circumference Hand Circumference
  Inches (cm) Inches (cm) 
Small 52-54 (20.5-21.2) 8 (20.3)
Medium 54-59 (21.2-23.2) 9 (22.9)
Large  57-63 (22.5-24.8) 10 (25.4)
XL 63-64 (24.8-25.2) 11 (27.9)
XXL   12 (30.5)


Size Guide (body armour, protective helmets and gloves) 

Measurement Sheet (female body armour and helmet)

Measurement Sheet (male body armour and helmet)





Company Catalogue

User Guide




BA-Ultra Covert
Body Armour

BA-2 Covert Tactical
Body Armour 

BA-3 X-1 Tactical
Body Armour

BA-4 Overt Tactical
Body Armour

BA-5 Community Support
Body Armour

Ballistic Helmets

HP-1 MAX-4 NIJ level III/IV
Hard Armour Plates

HP-2 MAX-1 NIJ level III+SS109
Hard Armour Plates

HP-3 MAX-3 NIJ level III
Hard Armour Plates

BS-1 Hard Armour 
Ballistic Shields

BS-2 Soft Armour
Ballistic Shields

SA-1 Soft Armour Panels
Soft Armour

VA-1 Radio Earpieces

VA-2 Kevlar Defender Gloves



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