VestGuardSize Guide


Inches (cm)

Body Armour Chest

Body Armour Waist




34-38 (86-96)

28 (71)

20.5-21.2 (52-54)

8 (20.3)


38-43 (96-109)

32 (81.3)

21.2-23.2 (54-59)

9 (22.9)


43-46 (109-116)

36 (91.4)

22.5-24.8 (57-63)

10 (25.4)


46-48 (116-122)

40 (101.6)

24.8-25.2 (63-64)

11 (27.9)


48-50 (122-127)

44 (111.8)


12 (30.5)


50-52 (127-132)

47 (119.4)




52-53 (132-135)

51 (129.4)



Body armour - Please take into account the clothing that will be worn during typical duties when choosing your body armour

Helmet – Take measurement from the forehead and extend the tape all the way around your head 

Gloves – Using your strongest hand wrap tape between thumb and forefinger and around your whole palm. Make a loose fit


Defense Spray

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EveAid Personal Defence Spray

EveAid Personal Defence Spray

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The UK's No.1 Defence Spray Is Available And LEGAL!


This triple action powerful minispray repels and identifies criminals who would normally disappear into the night. Ideal for doormen, security guards, taxi drivers, and members of the public including men and women who are in fear of rape whilst travelling alone.

The triple action:

1) A can that looks similar to mace or CS gas, visually detering attacks before they start.

2) A spray designed to stop aggressors in their tracks by emitting a powerful non toxic overwhelming odour. Powerful enough to stick to clothes and skin for upto 3 days helping identify potential suspects, even after days, just by how they smell.

3) Hidden UV dye released in the spray cloud marks the intended indivdual and hides on clothes and skin for upto 3 days identifyable by the police increasing the chance of conviction.


Is EveAid legal to use in the UK?

Not to be confused with pepper spray or CS gas, EveAid Personal Defense Spray is a legal aggressor deterrent containing no toxic chemicals which may cause lasting effects or damage.

Section 5(1) (b) of the firearms act 1968 prohibits any weapon of any description designed or adapted for the discharge of any noxious liquid, gas or other substance. EveAid does not contain any substance deemed to be noxious in a court of law within the UK and the tin itself is not designed to discharge a noxious substance.

It is not prohibited by this law and does not fall within the control of firearms legislation. This deems the spray legal and has been confirmed by the Uk scientific Development branch, and by Trading Standards.


How does it work?

EveAid works by emitting a cloud of repulsive odour that as well as rendering an attacker helpless marks their skin with a UV dye invisible to the naked eye but still detectable for up to 3 days after the incident. This helps to make them more easily identifiable to the Police!
The can is relatively small so can be carried easily for use should it be required. This product is ideal for any men or women who feel vulnerable i.e walking home late at night by themselves for example.

Rape and sexual violence on women – the facts.

  • One out of every 200 women in the UK reported to the British Crime Survey that they had been raped in 2006 (
  • UN Statistics show there was 12,637 reported cases of rape in 2008 and 13,093 cases in 2009 in the UK (
  • The government estimates that as many as 95% of rapes are never reported to the police at all. Of the rapes that were reported from 2007 to 2008, only 6.5% resulted in a conviction. (



  • EveAid is Legal in the UK
  • Invisible UV Dye
  • Repulsive Odour to deter attacker
  • Very Low Price & yet one day it could save your life!


Although we hope that you would never need to use our product, where personal saftey is involved we believe it is better to be carrying our spray and never use it than to not and need it.


3cm x 10.5cm


Less than 100 grams


Please read instructions carefully on the side of the can before use

Caution Pressurised container

For use only in emergencies

Please keep out of reach of children

Does not contain any substances designed to damage ozone or endanger health.


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