Aftercare Services

VestGuard Offers a free 5 (five) or 10 (ten) year guarantee on ballistic soft armour and hard armour products. 

Key points to remember when buying body armour :

  • Body armour, hard armour and ballistic helmets are not bullet proof, they are only bullet resistance, meaning they have been designed to protect the user from a specific threat.
  • They are not designed to protect the user against all threats. Familiarise yourself with the capabilities of the armour you have purchased and do not take unnecessary risks.
  • In the event of an attack body armour, hard armour and ballistic helmets should be immediately replaced as any damage to the protection element may reduce the effectiveness of the armour and leave a weak spot for future attacks. 
  • Ballistic products are only guaranteed to work for the specified period identified by the product guarantee offered. This is the period of time we determine the vest, under standard wear and tear, will perform within the standard. After such time we cannot guarantee the vest will perform to the same level and must be replaced for your own personal safety and peace of mind. 

Guarantee terms and conditions 

Soft armour ballistic components are automatically covered by a “Performance Guarantee” for 60 months from the date of purchase (“Guarantee Period”).

Hard armour ballistic components are covered by a “Performance Guarantee” for 120 months from the date of purchase.

Ballistic Helmets are covered by a “Performance Guarantee” for 120 months from the date of purchase. The harness and internal works are covered by a "Material and Workmanship Guarantee" for 12 months. We will repair any defect that arises due to faulty materials or workmanship free of charge during this period.

Outer carriers covered by a "Material and Workmanship Guarantee" for 12 months. We will repair any defect that arises due to faulty materials or workmanship free of charge during this period.

If during the guarantee period products become irreparable, we will exchange the defective product or any defective part with a replacement at our sole cost. The Guarantee on the replacement product will run continuously from the original purchase date of the original product.

Notwithstanding anything to the contrary, should any person other than an authorised representative of VestGuard attempt a repair, the Guarantee will become invalid. 

Any claims made under the terms of the Guarantee must be supported by the original invoice issued at the time of purchase. 

This Guarantee covers normal use only. Any repairs of replacements due to fair wear and tear, excessive use or misuse will not be covered under the Guarantee. 

Due diligence should be shown on any outer covers which are manufactured using thin and potentially easy to damage materials. 

This Guarantee only covers products if returned will labels displaying date of manufacture and provided by VestGuard UK showing the original invoice. Any parts found not to comply will not be covered under the Guarantee.

Free replacement under the Guarantee covers UK mainland and Northern Ireland only. Government and military contracts may vary subject to each tender terms and conditions of sale. 

This Guarantee is non-transferable to any other person or for any other product.

This Guarantee is governed by English law unless otherwise agreed, and is in addition to and does not diminish your statutory or other legal rights.


Exclusions of Guarantee

This Guarantee does not cover:

Faults that arise as a result of fair wear and tear, excessive use, negligence, wilful abuse or improper use by person or persons wearing the product. 

The replacement of cosmetic components or accessories due to fair wear and tear, excessive use, stains or accidental damage.

Incorrect repair or tampering by persons other than authorised representatives of VestGuard UK.

Damage or losses caused by unforeseeable events including but not limited to floods/water damage, lightning storms, frost or other bad weather conditions, acts of God, fair wear and tear, cosmetic damage, corrosion, transit damage or loss in transit.

If the user is not the original customer or does not have the original invoice.


Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. How do I ensure i keep my products in the best possible condition after purchase?

A. The best way to maximise the longevity of your body armour is to always follow the user guide which should accompany the product in the box. If a user guide is not provided you can contact us and we can send a digital copy for you to keep. Key points to keeping your body armour in good shape is to store flat, keep at room temperature in a clean storage bag (available to purchase, or provided with the product). Do not pile items on top of the body armour, or store upright as this puts unnecessary pressure on the fibres used. 

Q. What is classed as fair wear and tear?

A. All VestGuard body armour is guaranteed to protect the wearer for the guaranteed period if used in the correct manner. Fair wear and tear establishes that if worn correctly daily, stored appropriately, and not subjected to excessive fluctuations in temperature or submerged in water for extended periods, the body armour will remain below the threshold for the designated threat level test criteria for the entire period. Whilst VestGuard does everything to ensure our products perform, you as the wearer have a personal responsibility to ensure that the armour is cared for and treated with respect. After all this is protecting your life. Do not use as a spade to dig out your vehicle from a sand dune. Do not use your helmet to hold water. Do not throw it in the boot upright in the middle of a hot day. All these things can impact the protection and can void the guarantee. 

Q. Does cleaning affect the Guarantee?

A. No, not if you follow the cleaning instructions in the user guide provided. If a user guide is not provided you can contact us and we can send a digital copy for you to keep. Never wash the soft armour or hard armour products. This will artificially age the ballistic material.

Q. Can i keep body armour for longer than the guarantee period?

A. Yes, the armour will offer a level of protection, however the level cannot be determined and can vary depending on the wear and tear the vest has been put through during its life. In our professional opinion, we would always recommend replacing body armour when the guarantee runs out.

Q. If I get shot or stabbed will the vest still work?

A. Yes, however the attack may leave a gap in the protection and you should never take unnecessary risks with your life. We would always recommend replacing the vest as soon as possible as it has done its job and saved your life. Its time to start fresh so that our products can continue to be as effective as possible. If you contact us and can provide a police report regarding the attack you may be able to claim your free body armour replacement and become one of our testimonials to help others in their choice of supplier.

Q. Do your products make me indestructible? 

A. No, Body Armour is only designed to resist a certain threat for a certain period. Never put yourself in harms way, body armour is a defensive product to provide protection in the event of an attack. It has been designed to protect the user for a short period to allow them to retaliate, restrain or retreat. If you require anything different from this, please contact us to discuss your requirement and we can offer a solution to meet your needs.

Q. I am concerned that I may have damaged my Hard Armour Plate, what can I do?

A. If at any time you are concerned about any part of your body armour, please contact us immediately. VestGuard have trained experts who can assess the armour and make an un-bias assessment for a small cost. This is our Health Check and we can offer on part of all of the kit. We also have an X-Ray machine onsite for internal inspection and complete peace of mind. Many of our customers use this service as it meets their Health and Safety obligations for their staff.

Q. I use my armour all day and night, every day, am I still guaranteed?

A. Yes. Whilst we guarantee our body armour and helmets for every day use, using the armour causes degradation to the ballistic fibres and moving around, bending etc has its effects when used excessively. In our professional opinion in these circumstances we would recommend replacing the kit after 3-4 years for your own peace of mind to ensure you are continued to be protected with the maximum margin of safety in the event of an attack, especially in high threat environments.