Manufacturing Services

As a leading manufacturer and supplier of body armour and ballistic solutions VestGuard has the capability of offering our manufacturing services to other companies in the same industry or in other sectors which require our manufacturing capabilities to meet the needs of their customers. 

The benefit of our production facility is the ability to upscale to meet the demands from our customers. VestGuard has capacity to produce in excess of 4000 units of soft armour, hard armour and other ballistic products each month. Our dedicated production team can work with customers to develop a solution which best meets their needs and produce in house fast and efficiently. We offer the following manufacturing services : 


Pattern Design  

Sample Design and Manufacture 

Material Cutting Services

Whether its cutting by hand or using our cutting machines, our team are a fast and efficient workforce capable of cutting any pattern in most types of materials. 

White Label Ballistic Production 

As the manufacturer of body armour, we can print any company details on our soft armour, hard armour, ballistic helmets, and outer covers. We are also able to manufacture different shapes and designs to meet individual agent requirements. Contact us with your specification and we can offer a competitive quote for the production in the UK