Company Profile

VestGuard supplies the very best in ballistic systems for personal and vehicle protection for use by civilian, corporate, government and military sectors. We provide professional advice and a comprehensive service to every enquiry we receive. Our strength lies in our dedication to provide the highest-quality equipment. This has been recognised through VestGuard being awarded International Business of the Year and the Counter Terror Award for innovation in Personal Protective Equipment. A great success for our company.

VestGuard continues to build its presence in the defence sector and today operates a team of efficient individuals with many years in the industry. The VestGuard brand continues to expand, and products continue to advance aesthetically, ergonomically and in their ballistic performance-to-weight capabilities.

Over the last 20 years VestGuard has been the leading body armour supplier to UK and international government, law enforcement and military agencies. By the time the Iraq and Afghan wars began, VestGuard was at the forefront of the body armour industry. Supporting many government and civilian contractors travelling to these countries, the company quickly caught the attention of a number of other clientele and the company’s products enveloped the market.

The company rose to international recognition when VestGuard were awarded the contract to supply the entire Afghan National Army and Police Force, beating 600 other companies, supplying all 160,000 units into Afghanistan within a year, without any delays or problems, in a contract worth over USD $100 Million. This is the largest contract of its kind to be won by a British company.

Client Base

VestGuard has a has supplied over 15,000 customers in 50 different countries worldwide. We provide every customer with the same level of quality and service whether purchasing one vest, or a thousand. For those who want and need body armour, VestGuard can offer a first-class service.

Military Forces
Special Forces Teams
Government Councils
Law Enforcement
Media and Press Agencies
Maritime Security
Corporate and Security companies


VestGuard manufacture and supply products for our clients needs. We have the ability to scale up our production to meet urgent operational deadlines and produce large volumes in a short space of time.

Utilising innovative technologies, advanced machinery, and quality raw materials, VestGuard provides thousands of high quality products to customers around the world every year.  Our in-house designers' work with clients to produce garments to precise specifications and requirements. 

VestGuard can process up to 4,000 complete sets of body armour and plates each month for larger requirements (subject to a ramp up period). Processing is tailored around the needs and requirements of each individual client (subject to the availability of raw materials and existing production schedule at the time of order)

Where we are unable to manufacture goods in-house, our audited supply chain complies with our ISO quality and ethical standards, and manufacture goods to our specifications, high-quality standards, and fully backed by our company guarantee.

Logistics and international supply

We work with our trusted local logistic suppliers to provide a global network allowing us to deliver our products all around the world. Through hard work and dedication, VestGuard delivers quickly, efficiently and cost effectively.

 Vests are packaged individually with care instructions and labelled with sizing information. Larger orders are supplied on pallets in boxes or wooden pallet boxes for safe transport to ensure goods reach their destination in good condition. With more than twenty years’ experience in worldwide export, VestGuard’s team are experienced in the export license application process and we offer this service free of charge to our clients. 

Export License Applications

To meet some UK laws, we may be required to obtain a license in order to export some of our goods to our international customers. The service to obtain these licenses is provided free of charge. On some occasions it may be more suitable for the buyer to apply directly for a license, which we will advise on this prior to sale.

Professional Advice

Our team have years of experience dealing with defence products and supplying to civilian, government and military clients all over the world. We will always assist with any enquiry, no matter how big or small the requirement. You can be assured the information and the products we supply are accurate and will provide the protection required for your personal safety.

Peace of Mind

VestGuard operates on an international level dealing with customers from all around the world including the United Nations, UK Government, NATO and the OSCE. Being a supplier to any of these establishments requires every efficiency, quality, and above all else; a product that is of the highest standard for protection. Here at VestGuard we put our name to each and every product we supply and fully back it through our many years in the profession. 

As part of our ongoing commitment, VestGuard holds the following documents

Ethical Policy
Corporate Mission Statement
Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy
Environmental Policy
Professional Indemnity
ISO 9001:2015 Quality Compliance
ADS Membership

Ongoing Product Checks

As part of our service, VestGuard is in the unique position to offer assessment checks during the life of body armour and helmets. Whether the vest is ours or from another company, we are happy to provide an unbiased, professional opinion based on a set of detailed checks we undertake on the armour. This low cost service continues to ensure your armour is fit for purpose and can identify any problems before they become worse and impact the performance of the product. In the same way that neglecting services on your car could be dangerous, neglecting services on your personal protection can be equally as fatal.  Speak to one of our team if you would like further information regarding this service.


To do our part to help the environment and also protect those who may be unaware of the dangers of second-hand body armour, VestGuard offers all our customers the opportunity to return armour to be recycled. Under the agreement, armour returned is subjected to checks. Any suitable items may be repurposed into aprons and donated free of charge to non-profiting demining missions, helping to protect lives. Typically armour is broken down into raw component parts and supplied to a variety of industries to become a part of vehicle tyres, roads and reinforce other areas of key infrastructure. Our aim is to prevent armour from ending up on the second-hand market and potentially causing death to the wearer. The fibres used naturally deteriorate over time and use, and years of use may leave the armour unsuitable for the intended purpose. This is indistinguishable to the normal user, thus presenting the danger. 


Think differently. Think VestGuard.