International Delivery


VestGuard can supply products for international delivery to most countries around the world.

To purchase our products for international delivery please contact our sales team by email or phone +44 (0)1621 816614 .  We endeavour to answer most messages the same day or within 1-2 working days. 


VestGuard can process up to 4,000 complete sets of body armour and plates each month. Processing is tailored around the needs and requirements of each individual client. Typically we supply most orders within 6-8 weeks. Larger orders may require a longer lead-time and quoted on a case by case basis. 

VestGuard is an Internationally recognised brand name with over 500,000 units sold worldwide to more than 8000 customers in all sectors.

Shipping Methods

We ship goods via air, road and sea to suit customer budgets. Smaller orders are shipped via FedEx and other courier services, whilst we use a local trusted logistics expert to ensure a smooth delivery service for pallets and larger orders. 

Our shipments are insured for loss or damage in transit or the customer can request to use their own insurance brokers.

Payment Options

We accept Sterling, Euro and Dollar payments made via Bank Transfer for international orders. Manufacturing and shipping will take place on receipt of cleared funds into the VestGuard account. 

VestGuard may operate under International letters of Credit and other payment terms for larger contracts on a case by case basis. Fees and other costs are factored into quotes and these terms of payment must be stated prior to a quote. 


We will always endeavour to ship goods out as soon as possible after order and payment has been received. Items made to order will be communicated at time of order and an estimated lead-time will be provided.


For most deliveries to countries outside of the UK, we require permission from the UK government to export through UK customs. The process is really easy and requires minimal paperwork. We offer this service free as part of any confirmed order. The process typically takes from 4 weeks and we can reserve stock or manufacture your order at the same time minimising the delay. Once approval has been granted we ship as soon as all goods have been manufactured and packed. This process is outside of our direct control and sometimes it can take a little longer for some destinations or end users. 

Please note that international shipments may be subject to local import duty and taxes which varies from country to country. Some countries may require a license for importing military and dual use products and customers are advised to speak with their local authorities on what paperwork is required to bring goods into the country. The Buyer is responsible for ensuring all import paperwork has been completed prior to shipping and we will help where possible however cannot be held responsible for any delays. 

Tender Opportunities 

VestGuard are able to quote for any international tender for all products available on our website. As both a manufacturer and supplier we are also able to design products to meet a specification or operational requirement for customer orders over 25 units. 

If you have a tender and would like us to quote, please contact us for further information by email or phone +44 (0)1621 816614


Frequently Asked International Delivery Questions 

Q. Have you supplied to other countries in the past?

A. Yes, more than 75% of our sales are shipped out of the UK. We supply to customers all around the world in all sectors, from the individual person, Media organisations, Security forces, Special Ops teams, Diplomatic Missions, to entire armies. We have the ability to produce over 100,000 units of body armour and have done so in the past for a single order. 

Q. Who can you supply to? 

A. We can supply to anyone who needs body armour. For international deliveries we are controlled by UK law and must obtain permission prior to shipment from the UK government to export, to ensure our goods do not end up in the wrong hands, or used to suppress human rights. We supply customers including the United Nations, NATO, UNICEF and thousands of other customers and companies. 

Q. I need some body armour urgently, can you help? 

A. Yes, we are very quick to react to urgent operational requirements and hold some stock for fast turn around. Contact us as soon as you are aware of the urgency to ensure we have the best possible lead-time to assist you. For shipments to Europe we have some open licenses that allow us to ship within a mater of days. International shipments require a little longer to ship due to restrictions exporting military and dual use items. 

Q. Can you ship to another address other than the registered card holders address? 

A. Yes, you can make payment for goods via online bank transfer or over the counter of any bank or building society. Once the funds are registered as received in our bank account we will proceed to ship your order to any delivery address you request. 

Q. Can you ship to another country? 

A. Yes, we are able to ship to almost any country in the world. We have a network of couriers who can offer a full range of air, sea and land based services to wherever it needs to go. We can also offer EX works, FOB, CIF, and C&F options depending on your needs. We can also provide Certificates of Origin, and other documentation for local customs and assist with anything on route. Prices vary so please contact us for a quotation

Q. Are VestGuard products made to international standards?

A. Yes, All our products are manufactured to meet international military standards and tested by ISO17025 to the ammunition in the Home Office and NIJ test standards. Our materials are quality controlled, and our ballistic capabilities are regularly tested to ensure they continue to perform to International requirements. Some of our body armour solutions have also been tested for fragmentation protection to the NATO STANAG 2920 V50 test criteria for piece of mind, suitable for protection against mines, IEDs and explosions.