EveAid Personal Defence Spray

EveAid Personal Defence Spray

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The UK's No.1 Self Defence Anti Attack Spray Is Available and LEGAL!

Triple action powerful mini-spray
EveAid is legal to own and carry in the UK.
Ideal for door staff, security guards, taxi drivers, and members of the public dog walkers.
For use by both men and women who are in fear of attack.
Small enough to carry in a pocket or handbag for quick access should it be required 10cm x 3.5cm x 4.5cm
We hope that you never need to use our products but it is better to be carrying our spray and never need it, than to need it and not have it.

Triple Action

  1. Visually deters attackers by resembling mace, CS gas, and pepper spray
  2. Spray emits a powerful non toxic odour powerful enough to cling to clothes and skin for up to 3 days helping Police to identify the perpetrator of an attack.
  3. UV dye, invisible to the naked eye, is released in the spray cloud enabling the Police to identify attackers and increase the chance of conviction.


Delivery and lead-times

VestGuard UK Ltd's EveAid sprays cannot be shipped via standard Royal Mail services as aerosols of this type are prohibited from sending through the post. While we understand that the shipping costs may seem disproportionate, the DPD service we use ensures a next working day delivery option with text and email updates directly to the customer meaning your day is not wasted waiting in for a your delivery. Our next working day delivery aim is dependent on items being in stock at the time of order placement. Orders including items which are out of stock will still be processed and we will contact you to advise you of the estimated delivery date. At this stage we can cancel your order for a full refund or, if you are happy to wait, we will dispatch your order to you as soon as the items come back into stock.

Instructions for use

EveAid spray is a point and spray product. In the event of an attack, fully extend the arm holding tightly to the EveAid spray, directing the nozzle of aerosol toward the perpetrator. Activate the spray by pressing down hard on the trigger section of the spray cap with your index finger.

A short sharp burst may be all that is required to repel an attacker. This product is designed to emit several short bursts of aerosol. We recommend replacing this product after any activation as some of the Eveaid will remain in the nozzle and continue to produce an intense odour. The spray should be replaced every 18months to ensure optimum efficiency and effectiveness. 

Please note that whilst the product is in a sealed canister there may be some residual smell from the filling process. If there is any noticeable scent you can wipe the cap and canister to reduce this. We recommend checking the canister regularly, especially if it is left loose in a bag or coat to ensure the cap is secure. To prevent accidental use secure the item upright and away from any loose items which might trigger the spray. 

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EveAid for dog walking
24 February 2021  | 

Hopefully never to be used, but from a practice squirt outdoors I think the assailant would need to be downwind and fairly close as the aerosol is not that powerful and easily drifts away. No point in squirting it at the clothes either, for obvious reasons - it needs to stain skin.

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Treating your former customers like your best friends
14 April 2020  | 

I really appreciate for all you did; especially, for the clear honest explanations on my incompetent questions in your recent email.You do not make business- you treat your former customers like your best friends.

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Arrived Quickly. Hoping I won't have to use it!
05 January 2021  | 

I haven't actually used this, but bought it due to what appears to be a sharp increase in dog thefts where thieves are stealing dogs while they're being walked. As pepper spray is illegal in this country, this appears to be a good alternative. The product looks decent quality although the sticker is turned up a little at the corners. The cannister is small enough to carry in my pocket when walking my dog (although i'm wary of accidentally pressing the button and releasing the spray!). Hopefully the sight of the bottle would be enough to deter thieves but if not, they can be skunked and at least they would be marked for easier identification if the police were to find them.
As I haven't used the product, i'm mostly writing this review as the service was excellent. The product was shipped a day late due to the xmas period and I got an email letting me know it would be late and apologising for the inconvenience. Despite the proximity to the holidays, it arrived on xmas eve, only a day later than expected. I was very pleased with their customer care, although am hopeful I won't have to go to them for any difficulties!

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Helps me Feel Safe
11 September 2020  | 

I've (thankfully) not had to use this but just having it on my person makes me feel so much safer. There's been a huge increase in daylight attacks on individuals to steal their dogs in my area and I always walk along. I feel so much more 'prepared' or atleast significantly less helpless with this. Would recommend to everyone! Thanks guys!

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EveAid Personal Defence Spray
03 March 2021  | 

I spoke to customer service at Vestguard who answered my question, which was, has this product got an expiry date, the answer was No.
I purchased these on 3 for 2 as these are expensive so the offer was a great help. These are for the fact of having that bit more protection when out walking my dogs, due to the increase of dog theft in my area. I hope i will not have to use it! The product has a very strong smell a bit like strong onions, its i good size for your hand to hold and press the top while your other hand has hold of your dogs lead. Fast delivery i would recommend this for all lone walkers. Thank you Vestguard.

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Supply of large orders

VestGuard has the capabilities to manufacture any quantity of body armour, hard armour and ballistic helmets. Lead times vary depending on design, material availability and current orders running through our factory. Manufacturing lead times for bespoke or large orders start from as little as 4-6 weeks. 

We can offer delivery methods by air, road and sea.

VestGuard is an Internationally recognised brand name with over 500,000 units sold worldwide to customers in all sectors. VestGuard supply products to over 8000 customers in 50 different countries. We aim to meet any requirement quickly and to a high standard.


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A. Yes, we are very quick to react to urgent operational requirements and hold stock of many ranges of body armour for same and next day delivery. Contact us as soon as you are aware of the urgency to ensure we have the best possible lead-time to assist you. Whilst we hold stocks of many items, we receive large orders regularly which can deplete our stock in a day. 

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A. You can only return a bespoke product if it is faulty or damaged for repair/replacement. All goods are inspected before they leave our offices to ensure they are of the highest quality. Bespoke products are made to specific requirements for you or your customer and as such are unique to your needs. Please refer to our terms and conditions for more information regarding bespoke product orders. 


VestGuard body armour may not conform to standard clothing sizes and we recommend reviewing the below sizing guide before purchasing. We also strongly recommend completing the Size Submission Form at the bottom of this page or the forms on this page either before or after your purchase and our team will suggest the most suitable size for your needs. 

Body Armour -  Please consider the clothing that will be worn during typical duties under or over your body armour. Body armour is ergonomically designed to sit around your belly button +/- 1 inch. This is the ideal position to allow the wearer to sit or crouch whilst wearing body armour. Most of our body armour is adjustable around the waist and shoulders and will typically size up and down a size to meet your individual requirements.

Helmets -  Take measurement from the forehead and extend the tape all the way around your head

For assistance please complete a measurement sheet and email to sales@vestguard.com or have your measurements ready and call +441621816614 

. Chest Waist / Stomach Front length Back Length
. Inches (cm) Inches (cm) Inches (cm) Inches (cm)
Small 34-38 (86-96) 26-30 (66-76) 13 (33) 17 (43)
Medium 38-43 (96-109) 30-34 (74-86) 14 (35) 18 (46)
Large 43-46 (109-116) 34-38 (86-96) 15 (38) 19 (48)
XL 46-48 (116-122) 38-42 (96-107) 16 (40) 20 (51)
2XL 48-50 (122-127) 42-46 (107-117) 16.5 (42) 20.5 (52)
3XL 50-52 (127-132) 46-50 (117-127) 17 (43) 21 (53)
4XL 52-53 (132-135) 50-53 (127-137) 17.5 (44) 21.5 (54)
5XL 54-58 (137-148) 54-57 (137-146) 18.0 (46) 22.0 (56)
6XL 57-62 (145-158) 57-61 (146-156) 18.5 (47) 22.5 (57)


  Inches (cm) Inches (cm)
Small 20.5-21.6 (52-55) 20.5-21.2 (52-54)
Medium 21.6-22.8 (55-58) 21.2-22.8 (54-58)
Large 22.8-23.6 (58-60) 22.4-23.6 (57-60)
XL 24.0-25.2 (61-64) 23.6-25.2 (60-64)

Frequently Asked Sizing Questions 

Q. How do I know what size I am?

A. You will need a tape measure and our sizing table. Measure around the largest circumference of your Chest and Waist/Stomach. Using these two measurements identify the sizes of both on the sizing table and then select the highest of the two. This will be the most suitable size to fit your body shape.  We suggest completing the Size Submission Form to ensure the best size is recommended to match your measurements.

Q. What height does the vest fit?

A. People are all different shapes and sizes and body armour works differently between overt and covert styles. If you are between 5'8" and 6'1" our standard armour should be suitable to fit your body.  If you have a shorter or longer upper body than usual please contact us to discuss which size is most suitable for you. 

Q. Do you supply female sizes? 

A. All of our NIJ level II(2), NIJ level IIIA(3A) and Home Office HO1 KR1 SP1 armour are made from very flexible and thin layers which contour and fit the body shape of both our male and female customers. Some higher level solutions may not be as flexible in standard stock sizes and may not suit some body shapes. Please contact our sales team if you require further assistance.

Q. What happens if the vest does not fit me?

A. We will always do our very best to supply the perfect size first time. If you feel you do not have the right size please contact us to discuss how we can assist you. 

Q. I want a vest that will fit me perfectly, can this be done?

A. All our vests are designed to size up and size down, with most of our latest models offering full tailoring over the shoulders, and around the waist. This allows the vest to be fitted exactly to the individuals preferences. in 99% of cases, a standard vest will fit our customers. By completing the Size Submission Form below our team can assess each individual and advise further. With over 20 years of experience in the industry we can guarantee satisfaction.


Size Submission Form 

Please complete the below measurements for VestGuard to recommend the most appropriate sizes for your needs. This form can be submitted before or after an order is made and will help VestGuard ship out the most appropriate size for your body shape. Please complete one form for each vest purchased. 


Unit of measure:  *
Measure around your chest under your arms
With your hands up in front measure the space from arm to arm
Measure around waist/stomach and provide the largest size
Jugular to navel whilst standing
Jugular to belt whilst sitting
7th vertebrae to belt whilst standing
Type n/a if not applicable
Forehead all the way around your head
Add anything you think may be helpful for us to identify the correct size for you
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