VestGuard is the UK’s leading manufacturer of body armour, producing garments of the highest quality. With over twenty years of experience as well as state of the art software and equipment, we proudly support start-ups, small brands, and SMEs through to large businesses with a range of manufacturing services. From pattern development through to cutting, stitching, and finishing, VestGuard can help if your designs need a little help, we can also offer assistance to ensure that they are production ready. As specialist manufacturers in Britain and overseas, we understand the challenges faced by many companies. We make the process of manufacturing your items as easy as possible, leaving you to focus on building your brand.

Our infrastructure and manufacturing facilities allow us to offer extremely competitive pricing. Offering the lowest minimum order quantity in the industry means we can offer production solutions for small businesses, while our ability to ramp up production to over 4000 units per month means we can also support larger businesses.

Each item we produce is carefully cut and stitched, with each garment subject to stages of quality control to ensure they meet the high standards of our customers as well as our own certified ISO9001:2015 quality management system. 

We offer the following manufacturing services: 

Pattern Design 

Using the latest industry software such as Vetigraph, Gemini and Investronica, our design team works with you to realise your vision and commit it to files that can be used for standardisations, sizing/grading, and production.

Sample Design and Manufacture 

We create a prototype for your approval, allowing you to test and refine the functionality of your design. Once your samples have been approved, you will be in a position to commence bulk manufacture with confidence.

Cutting Services 

Whether its cutting by hand or using our state of the art, automated cutting machines, our team are a fast and efficient workforce capable of cutting any pattern in most types of materials including challenging fibres used in ballistic protection. 

White Label Ballistics 

VestGuard’s white labelling service means we can produce our tried and tested body armour with your company’s details on the labels of our soft armour panels, hard armour plates, ballistic helmets, and outer covers. We are also able to manufacture different shapes and designs to meet individual requirements. Contact our sales team to discuss your specification and requirements. We offer competitive quotes for UK production.