VestGuard specialises in a range of body armour designed for our military clients. As a leading supplier of PPE in the industry we don't just sell off-the-shelf products, we work with our customers to develop a solution that best suits their operational requirements. We have the capabilities to produce over 5000 units of body armour, plates and helmets per month. Historically we have proven to provide the very best quality products faster than our competition, and overcoming every obstacle that presents itself during the process to ensure the best level of service, with customers returning year after year. Not only this, our equipment also remains in good condition after many years of dedicated service with military forces across the world, providing longevity in hostile environments, and a cost effective product made to last. 

Our kit has been field tested for many years and offers longevity, insurance, and the very best protection from a trusted brand in the industry. 

VestGuard has a long and successful track record of supporting UK and international military clients with personal protective equipment. From small squadrons, to an entire army, VestGuard has the capability to scale production to meet lead times. This has been tried and tested during our production of 160,000 units of body armour for stabilisation in Afghanistan after conflict in the region. Since then, technology and production techniques have continuously enhanced our abilities to perform to an impressive level, both in speed and quality. 


Meeting the needs of the modern combat solider, our latest generation kit offers the very best VestGuard has to offer, and can be fully customised with pouches, pockets, identification, colour and size to meet each customers individual requirement. 

Plate Carriers with Quick Release Enhanced Protection Options with laser cut MOLLE Full body coverage 



VestGuard offers a range of lightweight ICW, and standalone off the shelf solutions. As a manufacturer we can also produce our plates in different sizes, shapes and contours for larger contracts. Budget dependant, VestGuard can achieve almost any specification with our research department capable of developing ultra lightweight plates designed to stop specific threats in theatre. 

To assist in the reduction of pack weight it is also worth noting that Vest Guard Hard Armour will also work with our NIJ level II soft armour backing. 


Front and Rear Hard Armour Plates
Standard and Bespoke solutions to meet specifications 
Side Hard Armour Plates
Standard and Bespoke solutions to meet specifications 



Our range of standard and bespoke upgrades to meet specifications



A range of ballistic helemts, covers andupgrades designed and manufactured to military grade specification. 

Featuring the latest dial harness and pad system technology as standard. 

MICH Standard and MICH Tactical  MICH HIGH CUT Standard and MICH HIGH CUT Tactical 




Are you a military customer? 

Please contact our experienced sales team for a bespoke quotation. 


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