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VestGuard began its life supplying the security sectors. Over the years we have grown from strength to strength into the military market, always keeping our focus on our roots and offering a range of products suited for covert and discreet overt use. 

Our body armour products protect thousands of happy customers in cities around the world, including conflict zones. Our kit has been field tested for many years and offers longevity, insurance, and the very best protection from a trusted brand in the industry. 

Easy Steps to choosing the right kit for you : 


These are our best selling and recommended options or security here in the UK, Europe and most cities worldwide.

Ultra Covert Body Armour NIJ Level II

Ultra Covert Body Armour NIJ Level IIFrom:  £305.00

Ultra Covert Body Armour     Home Office HO1 KR1 SP1

Ultra Covert Body Armour Home Office HO1 KR1 SP1From:  £515.00



Add extra covers and swap your armour panels into another cover to suit different operational tasks and environments around the world. Once set of panels can be used in multiple covers to work covertly, overtly or both for constant hidden protection with the ability to don a cover with additional components rapidly if a situation escalates quickly. 

COVER - Ultra Covert Body Armour Outer Cover

COVER - Ultra Covert Body Armour Outer CoverFrom:  £60.00

COVER - Covert Tactical Body Armour Outer Cover

COVER - Covert Tactical Body Armour Outer CoverFrom:  £65.00



Add upgrades to compliment your kit 

Acoustic Tube Two Wire Radio Earpiece

Acoustic Tube Two Wire Radio Earpiece£20.00   £10.00

D-Shape  Kenwood Radio Earpiece

D-Shape Kenwood Radio Earpiece£10.00   £5.00

EveAid Personal Defence Spray

EveAid Personal Defence Spray£15.00

G-Shape Radio Earpiece

G-Shape Radio Earpiece£10.00   £5.00


Are you part of a security company? 

Dedicated to supporting the security of our nation and the world, VestGuard are offering security companies looking to kit out multiple teams special bulk discounts. As many companies operate a personal purchase system we can provide solutions allowing staff to buy online and benefit from savings offered to the company. In addition, with PayPal currently offering 4 months interest free credit options, staff can spread the cost of personal protection providing an easy and affordable solution. To take advantage of this easy system, please complete the attached form and a member of our team will get in contact with you, or alternatively call us now on +44 (0)1621 816614 and speak with our sales team. 

(This offer is currently only available online in the UK)

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