Trade In Old Body Armour Program


How does the program work?

Quite simply trade your existing armour solution for a brand new equivalent solution from VestGuard UK Ltd and we will give you 25% off the price.

Examples : 

Covert Body Armour KR1 SP1      £232.20 With Trade in  Was £309.60  (Save £77.40)

Covert Tactical Body Armour IIIA + IV Hard Armour       £604.17 With Trade in  Was £805.56  (Save £201.39)

Overt Tactical Body Armour IIIA + IV Hard Armour + IV side Armour + PASGT Helmet      £1218.38 With Trade in  Was £1624.50  (Save £406.12)


To benefit from this offer contact us either by phone, email, or using the form submission below. One of our advisers will contact you to guide you through your options. It’s that simple. 

The Facts 

The fibres in body armour degrade over time potentially compromising the protection levels of your armour. Body armour left in the public domain is potentially life threatening because it may no longer offer the protection stated on the label. Traded in armour is placed into our recycling program and the fibres are broken down and used to reinforce tyres, roads, buildings, and infrastructure, improving longevity and reducing the impacts of daily wear and tear. 

What is covered?

We accept body armour from any manufacturer. This program is for soft armour panels (SAP’s), hard armour plates (HAP’s) and ballistic helmets. There are no minimum or maximum quantities of armour.  VestGuard will issue a discount code for you to use on your next valid body armour purchase through our website . If hard armour, and helmets are included in your return package, these products will also be discounted under the same discount code. 

What do I do next?

Use the submission form below and we can advise you on the next step