VestGuard Manufacturing

Based in Colchester, UKVestGuard’s manufacturing facility is a modern production site. Utilising innovative technologies, advanced machinery, and certified processes, our in-house designers' work with clients to produce garments to precise specifications and requirements. 
VestGuard, procures the highest quality raw materials from the UK and international sources, with each supplier undergoing conformity visits to audit; 

  • Sourcing of base materials​​​ 
  • Manufacturing processes 
  • Quality controls  

VestGuard can process up to 2,000 complete sets of body armour and plates each week with the capacity to ramp up production to 4,000 complete sets of body armour and plates each week. Processing is tailored around the needs and requirements of each individual client. 

Production of Hard Armour Plates

VestGuard manufactures all Hard Armour Plates (HAPs) to international quality standards. Each HAP is quality checked to ensure compliance with the internal quality management system as part of the company’s ISO 9001:2015 certification. A guarantee of 10 years is provided on VestGuard HAPs.* 

Production of Soft Armour Panels

Soft Armour Panels (SAPs) can be cut to any shape that supports the customer's requirements. Stepped quality controls ensure every panel is consistent to the client’s specifications. Each panel is sealed using sonic welding to provide protection from moisture - waterproof - and UV light. All VestGuard SAP's have a 5-year guarantee of performance as standard.* 

Safe transport to world destinations

Each vest is individually inspected for quality and identified using a unique serial number, enabling through life care as well as certified disposal via VestGuard’s recycling and disposal service.  Vests are packaged individually with care instructions and are clearly labelled with sizing information. Larger orders are boxed up or sealed in wooden pallet boxes for safe transport to ensure the goods reach their destination in pristine conditions. With more than twenty years’ experience in worldwide export, VestGuard’s team are experienced in the export license application process and we offer this service free of charge to our clients. 

Manufacturing capacity

VestGuard holds a bank of skilled machinists enabling the company to ramp up production where required to meet demand.
For large contracts VestGuard production can be increased to 4,000 vests and 8,000 plates per week. This ability enables us to produce faster than the competition, without increasing costs, lengthening lead times or compromising product quality.

Logistic Network

VestGuard deals with individual purchases of one vest right through to orders of magnitude up to 120,000 units of armour.  Oulogistics network allows us to deliver all around the world efficiently and cost effectivelyWe are in regular contact with local distribution agents to help the transition of your orders in country.   

Through hard work and dedication, VestGuard delivers quickly, efficiently and cost effectively.

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